Amy Plant, the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing and You

Limerick City Gallery of Art
Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland
August/September 2002

Since 1991 the Limerick City Art Gallery has housed as part of its permanent collection, the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing. This vast and varied body of work contains drawings by over 100 Irish and International contemporary artists.

The opening at Limerick City Art Gallery, began with an empty room on 1st August. Bringing the entire collection out from storage and its packaging and into the gallery, I spent 15 days there inviting the people of Limerick and its tourists to ‘adopt’ or identify themselves with a drawing of their choice and to talk about it. Day by day, as the pieces were selected, they were attached to the walls of the gallery, resulting in a exhibition of 70 works of art. To accompany it, I created a hand-drawn guide to the exhibition and a video work, matching individual personalities with the drawings and giving value to the meanings and associations audiences bestow on works of art.

From the 17th August, a slide show of the process, the video and the original hand-drawn guide were shown during the exhibition, Drawing On Space at Project, Dublin. Curated by Grant Watson and The Drawing Room