PROJECTS    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2010 – present

Good Earth – Hands on Centre for Agrarian Living: Talking Horse  Farm, San Juan Island, WA USA:  Bridging agriculture, activism and art. In development / collaboration with Gary Miller


Energy Café in Dorset: Part of Road for the Future by Anna Best. A Pilot Publishing project 


Energy Café – Making an Off Grid Mobile Kitchen Hawkwood Nursery, Organic Lea, London   Funded by National Lottery Awards for All. A Pilot Publishing project


Energy Café, The Art of Common Space, Gunpowder Park: June 2008 – March 2009   Community off-grid café scenario developed in public space with local people. A Pilot Publishing project


Bridges – A Film about Informal Learning, Summer Drafts, Manifesta, Bolzano.  Funded by British Council

IJ Build Het Blauwe Huis, IJ Burg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: November 2006 – November 2008   Pilot Publishing in Residence. IJ Build is a documentary film, exploring where the materials used to build IJ Burg originate from and the journeys they have taken to reach Amsterdam.


Insert 6 – Kunstverein in Hamburg,   Exhibition of in A Living Magazine by projektgruppe

Radio Radieuse la radio de La Maison Radieuse, Nantes, France:     Radio Project in collaboration with residents, Esther Salmona and ECOS.

As the Birds Fly London: Summer 2006, Winter 2007, Spring 2008, Summer 2008, Spring 2010    Ongoing project producing walking maps with local children in different areas. Commissioned by Living Streets

ECOS  La Maison Radieuse, Nantes, France: August 2006 & August 2007  Research project: eco creation.

Demo Plot Manor Gardens Allotments, Hackney Wick, London: May 2006 – Sept 2007    Pilot Publishing in residence on an allotment site threatened by the Olympic Development –


A Station Musical for Stratford commissioned by Platform for Art:   A Pilot Publishing project. 48m window frieze for Stratford Station proposing a Musical event at the station. Material gathered through workshops with Carpenters Primary School, station staff and passengers.

Reunion initiated by B+B, Wysling Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire:  Weekend to kick start exchange & projects between artists from Eastern Europe & UK

One Family in Aarhus for Neotribes at Rum46, Aarhus, Denmark:   Process: 7 days, 7 connections, 7 people, video documentation, dinner party

Pilot Publishing Poster participation in Pilot 2, London

Pilot Publishing Poster Making, Studio Voltaire, London: for Notion Nanny by Alison Smith/B+B

Lead artist for The Big Draw, Serpentine Gallery Pavillion, London:  Collaborative event to create a large scale, 3D drawing with children and adults

The Square Circle Farnborough Business Park: June 2005 – September 2007   Public Art commission for new public square involving the initiation of a Friends Scheme and development of interactive website:

Street News (one year later) & Street Cinema Laburnum Street Party, London:  Pilot Publishing film & event commissioned by Laburnum Street Party

La La Land Project, Dublin, Ireland: Part of group exhibition curated by Paul O’Neill

Autopilot – Pilot Publishing 15-21 Crash Course Serpentine Gallery: Autopilot magazine produced in 5 days with 15-21 year olds in response to Tomoko Takahashi exhibition.


Otara TV produced while Artist in Residence – Manukau School of Visual Arts, New Zealand:  A one off news-style TV programme broadcast on Triangle TV. Funded by British Council & Creative New Zealand

Laburnum Pilot – a street magazine made with people who live, work & pass through Laburnum Street The Drawing Room, London:   Collaboration with Ella Gibbs. Funded by Arts Council England

Artists/Groups one night event  Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland:   Video screening


Artists/Groups Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland:  Part of group exhibition curated by Grant Watson

Multi Stop Shop  Arc percent for arts scheme, Co, Fingal, Ireland:     A mobile democratic shop in the form of a converted caravan which tours the towns and villages of the county selling and displaying local products and information by hobbyists and professionals.

Valley Vibes            London: October 1998 – 2003                                              Devised and produced in collaboration with Jeanne van Heeswijk and in association with Chora architecture and urbanism. Generated and recorded community events through the use of a specially designed sound machine, within the Lea Valley area. Valley Vibes was featured in the exhibition ‘democracy’ at the Royal College of Art, May 2000. Funded by the Mondriaan Foundation, London Arts & Lee Valley Park.


Khoj 2002  participant in Triangle artists workshop, Mysore, India

Talk Show for ‘Critical Mass’, SMART Museum, Chicago, USA: Installation and presentation of past work and research visit. Curated by B+B. Grant from the British Council.

Space Studios, Dace Road E3: Group exhibition including Group Photo

Private Views, London Print Studio Gallery:   Participation in group show of private view cards. Curated by Paul O’Neill.

Drawn for ‘Drawing on Space’ exhibition at FA Projects, London: Curated by The Drawing Room & Grant Watson. Printed ‘map’ containing drawings made and used by people local to the gallery. Distributed in the Bankside area, SE1.

Group Photo Commissioned by Space Studios Public Art Team for Tower Hamlets Housing Action Trust, Victoria Park, London: A photograph of spectators was taken to mark the demolition of 2 tower blocks in Bow. A postcard was created of and for the locals.


Cast Off Knitting Club  Various locations: May 2001 – 2004 (on-going)  Co-founder and organiser of knitting club with Rachael Matthews. The club meets at and is invited to various public venues in order to teach and promote knitting. Including event at V&A Museum, March 2004

The Centenary Treasure Trail  Whitechapel Gallery, London: Children’s guide to the Whitechapel Centenary exhibition. The guide includes a story writing competition. First Prize: have your birthday party at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Works of Bas Jan Ader – presented by Amy Plant  Whitechapel Gallery, London:  Research and presentation of films, photographic works and performance by Bas Jan Ader. Part of ‘Programme’ by Ella Gibbs during ‘Temporary Accommodation’.


Contact Camden Arts Centre, London:  Contact involved audience research through methods of exchange. The website is compiled of extracts from conversations with the local public. Produced in association with e2.

Green (in der Sonne zu liegen)  ‘Schreber Jugend’  Curated by Rampe 003, Berlin:  Five day event in public place. Collaboration with Ella Gibbs. Travel Grant from the British Council.


Talking About Elvis for ‘52’ by Caroline Jupp, London:  Performance. Collaboration with Caroline Jupp. Publication presented at the Showroom Gallery.

Jumbled Tunes Showroom Gallery London: Contribution to ‘Jackpot Jumble Jamboree’ with the Vibe Detector.

Picnic Hunt     Camden Arts Centre, London:  For ‘Picnics’ by Kathrin Boehm and Stefan Saffer. A specially designed map held clues to a walk around Hampstead leading to a picnic. Live folk music by Nico & Levy. Collaboration with Andrew Marsh.

Amy Plant Presents: A Day for Your Plants  Belt, London:  Performance – reading to an audience of other people’s house plants. People were invited to bring their plants to me. No humans allowed.

Game Show – mini casino Tablet Gallery, London:  For Happy Hobby by Kathrin Boehm and Stefan Saffer. A day and environment of table games. Evening event of mini Roulette playing – with guest croupier John Burton in drag. Collaboration with Andrew Marsh.


Game Show   Belt, London: Series of participatory events containing games created by artists for the purpose of playing. Collaboration with Andrew Marsh. Invited artists: Kathrin Boehm, Lisa Cheung, Cedric Christie, David Cotterrell, Tara Sampy, Erika Tan.

WORKSHOPS, TALKS & TEACHING – ACADEMIC  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Open Engagement, Portland State University MA in Social Practice Conference, USA: May 2012  Presentations on Alternative Schooling

University of the Arts London, UK – Nov 2010  Presentation on the theme: the Afterlife of the Artwork

Falmouth Art School / RANE dept, Cornwall – May 2009  Presentation of Energy Cafe

AVA Foundation Students UEL, London – Jan 2009  Presentation of Energy Cafe

MA Critical Encounter Goldsmiths College, London – Nov 2006  Presentation in Lab session with Rachel Steward of The Square Circle

Portsmouth School of Art England – March – June 2006  Part time tutor

Royal College of Art – May 2006   Pilot Publishing film – made in one day – featuring every department and screened instead of giving a talk

Technical School of Copenhagen November 2005   Presentation and Pilot Publishing workshop

Pilot Publishing Presentation, The Drawing Room London – August 2005   for Curating Summer School, Central St. Martins

Portsmouth School of Art, England – April 2005  Visiting Lecturer & Pilot Publishing workshop

Architecture Association, London – Feb 2005  Participation in Jury

Canterbury School of Art, Christchurch, New Zealand – Sept 2004 Visiting Lecturer

Otago Art School, Dunedin, New Zealand – Sept 2004  Visiting Lecturer

Massy School of Visual Arts, Wellington, New Zealand – Sept 2004 Visiting Lecturer

ELAM Art School, Auckland, New Zealand – August 2004  Visiting lecturer

Manukau School of Visual Arts, Auckland, New Zealand – August/Sept 2004  Series of talks and workshops

MA & BA Sculpture, NCAD, Dublin, Ireland – Oct 2003  Visiting Lecturer/tutor

BA Fine Art, GMIT, Galway, Ireland  – Sept 2003  Visiting Lecturer/tutor

Arc – The Conversations, Dublin, Ireland – Sept 2003  In conversation with an economist, an environmentalist and a participant regarding Multi Stop Shop

BA Art & Design, Central St Martins, London – May 2002 & May 2003   Guest Lecturer & Tutor

BA Time Based Art, Cardiff University – Feb 2003   1st Year tutor (temp position)

MA Drawing, Camberwell College of Art, London – Nov 2002  Guest lecturer

Arts in Community Settings, Birkbeck College, London – February 2002   Guest Lecturer

BA Time Based Art, Cardiff University  – May 2001  Guest lecturer

Architecture Association, London – October 1998  Valley Vibes Workshop with students.

WORKSHOPS, TALKS & TEACHING – OTHER  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elementary Projects – Artist in Residence: Friday Harbor Elementary School, San Juan Island, WA USA,  2012 – 2014

Hand Made Paper, IMA Sculpture Park, Friday Harbor, USA: August 2012

Autonomous Infrastructures, Arts Catalyst Conference, The Baltic, Newcastle: March 2010   Presentation of Energy Café and workshop participation

Context: nostalgia, poetics or politics?, Bosarts, Zennor, Cornwall: Sept 2009  Presentation of Energy Cafe

Summer Drafts, Lungomare Gallery, Manifesta, Bolzano: July 2008 Presentation of The Square Circle & Laburnum Pilot

Insert 6 – Kunstverein in Hamburg, November 2007   Presentation of The Square Circle for A Living Magazine by projektgruppe

socialmentalenvironmental Sparwasser, Berlin, July 2007  Presentation of

lifeisland / publicworks Manor Garden Allotments, London, May 2007 Presentation of lifeisland with Tak Hoshino to urban planning students from Oslo

Animals & the Environment Conference, Synergy, London, May 2007 Presentation of lifeisland with Julie Sumner

ECOS La Maison Radiuse, Nantes, France, August 2006   Presentation about Demo Plot/lifeisland

B+B Workshop – Archive, part of La La Land at Project, Dublin, Ireland – June 2005  Presentation & discussion

Village Convention, Ditchling Museum, England – May 2005  Presentation and participant in convention about Contextual Art in Rural Environments. Initiated & organized by and General Public Agency

The Showroom, London – July 2004  Pilot Publishing presentation & workshop for umea art students during project by Elin Wilkstrom

Artivists, London – May 2004  Presentation of Multi Stop Shop

Fashion & Textiles Museum, London – Jan/Feb 2004  Series of Cast Off knitting workshops

Tokyo Wonder Site Gallery, Tokyo, Japan – Dec 2003  Public presentation with Let’s Play team (architects Tak Hoshino & Peter Hasdel)

City Art Centre – Civil Arts Enquiry, Dublin Ireland – Nov 2003 Participant in roundtable discussion on the role of the artist in society

Rangayana Theatre, Mysore, India – Oct 2002  Slide show presentation to theatre practitioners and students

Le Olive Garden, Mysore, India – Oct 2002  Public slide show presentation during Khoj 2002

firsite @ the Minories Gallery, Colchester – Sept 2002  Series of Cast Off knitting workshops

Drawing On Space Workshops, fa projects & Southwark Cathedral, London – July 2002  Devised, co-ordinated and ran workshops for children from Snowsfields Primary School

Talk Show for ‘Critical Mass’, SMART Museum, Chicago, USA – June 2002

4a Wellington Lane, Bristol –  ‘ Knit It  Knitting Expo’ –  March 2002   Organised by Annabel Other. Cast Off presentation and knitting workshop.            Oct 2001 – May 2002             ‘Non Professor’ for on-line course devised by Tim Brennan in association with Project, Dublin.

Space Place – Mentoring SchemeApril – June 2001  Mentor.

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London – April 2001  Gallery Talk during Centenary exhibition.

Whitechapel Art Gallery, London  – March – May 2001 Devised and ran workshops for children and refugee groups with other artists during Centenary exhibition.

Royal College of Art Galleries, London – May 2000  Valley Vibes Workshop. Part of ‘democracy’ exhibition.

Camden Arts Centre, London – March 1999  Playtime  – In conversation with Anna Best about games and art.

Tate Gallery Education Dept, London – 1995  Workshops for young homeless people. Collaboration with Artswork

Children’s Workshops – Papermaking, Giant Knitting etc, Various Venues in UK: 1995-1996

 PUBLICATIONS, WRITING & PRESS – OTHER * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bridport News – May 2011         Article about Energy Café in Dorset

RSA Art & Ecology Blog – March 2009      Article about Energy Café

The Mercury Local Newspaper – January 2009    Article about Energy Café

The Guardian Local Newspaper – January 2009   Article about Energy Cafe

Platform for Art – January 2008   Featuring A Station Musical for Stratford

Lucy & Jorge Orta Pattern Book – December 2007   Featuring Valley Vibes

Art in the Public Realm – May 2007    Arts Council Publication featuring Laburnum Pilot – A Street Magazine – Live from Oct 2006     Website for The Square Circle project, designed by ABAKE, programmed by Jerome Rigaud

Multi Stop Shop featured as part of Biblibox – from Oct 2006

ARC  Film Documentary by Finn van Gelderen featuring Multi Stop Shop, premiered at Irish Film Institute – Sept 2006  A Station Musical for Stratford

Metro – 27 March 2006  Article about A Station Musical for Stratford

BBC London, Robert Elms Show March 2006    Radio Interview about A Station Musical for Stratford (Tamsin Dillon)

LBC News March 2006     Radio Interview about A Station Musical for Stratford (Tamsin Dillon)

Open 9 Amsterdam, November 2005      Article about Valley Vibes

Rushmoor Borough Council website – August 2005     Article about The Square Circle

Time Out – Young People’s Guide to London – June 2005      Review of Autopilot -15-21 Crash Course at Serpentine Gallery

The Vacuum, Factotum Publications, Belfast – May 2005   article for the Funny issue

The Vacuum, Factotum Publications, Belfast – April 2005     ‘Prison Love’, article for the Prison issue

Lodown, Berlin – April 2005       Parasite, insert magazine about Laburnum Pilot by Abake

Z/X 1 Local, journal of the Manukau School of Visual Arts, New Zealand – 2004       Amy Plant and the Art of Elegant Leaning, essay by Grant Thompson

Radio New Zealand – 4 Oct 2004      Interview about Otara TV

The New Zealand Herald, Education Section, Auckland, New Zealand – Aug 2004      Article about residency

Manukau Courier, Auckland, New Zealand – Aug 2004      Article about residency

Vauxhall Pleasure, publication for project by Anna Best & Paul Whitty – Aug 2004     Co-editor and designer

Circa, Ireland, summer 2004     Article by Nathalie Weadick including Amy Plant the NCCD & You

The Vacuum, Factotum Publications, Belfast – July 2004     ‘A Wolf in Pucci Clothing?’, article for the Fashion issue

All That Useless Beauty – exhibition catalogue – July 2004 Accompanying essay in response to work by Mike Marshall

Grafik – June 2004     Laburnum Pilot featured in article about Abake

Resonance FM – 9 June 2004     Radio show about Laburnum Pilot

B+B Occasions 8 – Austrian Cultural Forum – 2004    Contact featured in essay

Artists News Sheet, Sculpture Society Ireland – April 2004     Updated information about Multi Stop Shop

BBC Five Live Radio – 24Mar 2004     Part of panel discussion

The Independent – Review Section 23 Mar 2004     Article about Cast Off

The Vacuum, Factotum Publications, Belfast/Dublin – Feb 2004 ‘Dubliners in Tokyo’, article under sudenym: Amy Egg for the South of the Border issue

Artists News Sheet, Sculpture Society Ireland – Dec 2003     Several articles about Multi Stop Shop

RTE, Open House – 1 Oct 2003     Television Interview – Multi Stop Shop

The Irish Times Magazine – 6 Sept 2003     Article about Multi Stop Shop

Anna Livia Radio, Dublin – Sept 2003    Interview about Multi Stop Shop

North County Dublin Leader – Sept 2003     Article about Multi Stop Shop

Fingal Independent – July & Aug 2003     Articles about Multi Stop Shop – 2003 – April/May 2003    Article about Cast Off

Gallerie – Indian art magazine – Feb 2003       Article featuring Amy’s News

Arte TV – Germany– 7 Jan 2003    Television article about Cast Off

The Hindu Magazine, India, 1 Dec 2002     Article featuring Amy’s News

Decland Herald – India, 17 Nov 2002    Article featuring Amy’s News

The Hindu – India, 11 Nov 2002     Article featuring Amy’s News

Berliner Zeitung –  6 Nov 2002     Article about Cast Off

Amy’s News – 1 Nov 2002     Produced and printed during Khoj 2002, Mysore, India

Various Local Mysore Newspapers – India, Oct 2002

National Post, Arts & Life Section – Canada Oct 7 2002     Article about Cast Off

German Elle – Sep 2002    Article about Cast Off

95Live – local Limerick radio Aug 2002     Article about Amy Plant, NCCD & You

Limerick Chronical – Aug 2002    Article about Amy Plant, NCCD & You

Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 – Aug 2002     Article about Cast Off

Limerick Post – July 2002    Article about Amy Plant, NCCD & You   Valley Vibes discussed in article by B+B

Shreber Jugend –2002, Rampe 003    Catalogue featuring Green

Space Cooks – summer 2002     Artist’s contribution to fundraising recipe book for Space Studios

Bust – American Woman’s magazine –  Summer 2002     Article about Cast Off

Space Newsletter – Summer 2002    Article on Group Photo

Private Views – Spring 2002      Exhibition publication

Engage 10   Spring/Summer 2002     Contact and Valley Vibes discussed in article by Sophie Hope

M The Mirror Mag – 6 Apr 2002      Article about Cast Off

German TV – Mar  2002     Television article about Cast Off

Evening Standard Magazine – 15 Feb 2002     Article about Cast Off

The Big Breakfast, Channel 4  –  Feb 2002     Television appearance promoting Cast Off

Twilight Garden            Lisa Cheung / Camden Arts Centre – Feb 2002    Short prose for publication about Lisa Cheung’s residency at Camden Arts Centre

Cast Off            Oct 2001 & Oct 2002    In house paper publication – bulletin for Knitting Club produced with Rachael Matthews.

Website: (Edited by Ella Gibbs) – Aug 2001 Section on Bas Jan Ader – presented by Amy Plant edited by me.

Programme Newsletters (Edited by Ella Gibbs) – Jan/Feb 2001                   For ‘Temporary Accommodation’, Whitechapel Gallery. Featuring notices, text and images relating to works of Bas Jan Ader  presented by Amy Plant.

Temporary Accommodation CD Rom / website –  Jan 2001             Exhibition catalogue featuring works of Bas Jan Ader presented by Amy Plant, Green, Amy Plant presents a Day for Your Plants and Game Show  – Dec 2000      Valley Vibes

Hampstead & Highgate Express  – Nov 2000     Review of Contact 2000    On line art piece

The Week of Small Miracles (Edited by Peter Cusack) –  Aug 2000     In Search of the Adventurers project and text.  July 2000    featuring Green

democracy!   Royal College of Art curating course – May 2000   exhibition catalogue featuring Valley Vibes

Sites & Situations    Rotterdam – February 2000     Some Notes on Valley Vibes by Florian Wuest

Engage 7Autumn/Winter 1999    Valley Vibes text co-written with Jeanne van Heeswijk

Curating Degree Zero –  Germany 1999    Valley Vibes text co-written with Jeanne van Heeswijk

Radiator  1999 (edited by John Burton and Andrew Marsh)    Mystery Seeds project

Valley Vibes 1998 – 2001     Various reviews and articles in local London newspapers Goldsmiths MA Creative Curating  1998

Fastforward, Stop, Rewind, Pause, Eject Goldsmiths MA Creative Curating  1998     A Case of Agoraphobia image created in collaboration with Alberto Duman

CC Top Goldsmiths MA Creative Curating 1997      Work in Process

CURATORIAL & ARTS ADMINISTRATION * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chora architecture & urbanism February 1998 – 2010   Curatorial consultant & researcher

Fingal Arts Council, Ireland,  February 2009  Public Art Policy consultant

Free-Lunch March – November 2003 (p/t)   Consultant to Anna Best project commissioned by the Arts Council  see:

Phil             June – July 2002 (p/t)   Consultant and participant co-ordinator for project by Anna Best.

Goldsmiths College – MA Creative Curating               May – June 2001(p/t)   Temporary administrative assistance

Factory Built Homes (Shoreditch Biennale)   Holly Street Estate, London:  May 1998    Assistant curator – exhibition: Rachel Whiteread, Trish Brennan, Tom Hunter, local children & Gillian Waring.

Holly Street Public Art Trust   Holly Street Estate, London: April 1996 – September 1997 (p/t)   Arts co-ordinator for public art organisation based on a housing estate undergoing regeneration.

Panchayat             London: 1995 – 1996 (volunteer)   Artist-led, multi-national arts and education archive/agency/studios for artists, students and curators.

Tate Gallery Education Dept            London: 1995   Outside evaluator for a pilot project for young, homeless people.

Dance Camp East  Norfolk: 1995 & 1996   Co-organised ‘Creative Resource Area’ for teenagers and adults.

Janus Avivson Galleries  London: 1991/2 (p/t)   Contemporary art gallery assistant.

EDUCATION * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Goldsmiths College London 1996 – 1998   MA: Fine Art / Creative Curating (p/t)

Middlesex University London 1992 – 1995   BA: Art Practice & the Community / History & Theory of Visual Culture